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The Corona Virus has stopped most of us in our tracks and for many horse lovers it means the removal of one of their greatest passions, spending time with our horses, taking them out on hacks to the mountains, beach and river or simply being involved in their every day care.

The horses are really missing their human carers too, they are social creatures after all. Just as you may be going a bit stir-crazy during the quarantine, they are feeling the frustration too.

The last month saw a real turn in the business as our lesson and hack out numbers really started to climb. This is due to the hard work our team and volunteers have put into training the horses and the warm welcome we aim to provide to all our clients, as well as the fantastic job all involved have done in getting the word out about our stunning routes and fun training sessions.

Since opening in March last year, the barn has changed significantly. When we first arrived with only Tallulah and Gerry, the arenas were just mud and full of weeds, there was no pony club, no play area, no bar, no top paddocks, no bottom paddocks, not even any ponies!

Since then we have 14 more horses, (7 that we adopted from people who weren’t in a position to care for them anymore or from local rescue centres), 5 naughty ponies (1 rescue), our rescue dog Max and 3 stable cats.

We took on the Happy Horse Riding Academy, which now has more than 25 kids aged between 4 & 15 who attend every weekend, plus many more who come along for the odd days or during holiday visits, and we run popular holiday camps too. We’ve held 3 gymkhanas, 2 home competitions and a local competition with our neighbouring stables.

We’ve organised, A Full Moon Hack, 3 trips to Tarifa, and 2 to the Cross Country riding centre in Los Barrios.

Our horses are involved in Meditation sessions, HorseFIT, Jump Academy and Beach gallops.

Two of our horses have even launched their own TV careers and appeared on Prime time TV!

We’ve taken out more than 400 visitors on hacks and our trainers have given more than 500 hours of instruction.

I think it’s fair to say that the Red Mountain community has grown enormously in its first year and without question our objective of bringing people and horses together is well on track. Whilst our four legged family have certainly given everyone who is involved with them an awful lot, they also need quite a bit of care.

In the last 12 months:

  • We’ve spent more than €5,700 on their health.
  • They’ve eaten more than 2,964 bales of hay and alfalfa and 7.3 tonnes of grain
  • And poo’d more than 130 tonnes of manure!

After a rocky start with Gerry´s freak accident, surgeries and treatment, the Red Mountain barn has just started to cover itself but unfortunately the Corona Virus is now set to undo all that, if we allow it!

Andie and I, as well as our team past and present, volunteers and parents have all put in too much work and effort to allow that to happen without a fight.

So we’ve decided to put together the Red Mountain Community, a private members club where all of our people can come together to share their experiences and help to support the barn at the same time. It’s a monthly subscription of only EUR 20, which will come directly off your card via PayPal. You can unsubscribe from the Red Mountain Community whenever you want, it’s simple and easy.

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  • Special, Community only promotions and opportunities
  • First refusal on limited availability events
  • 10% Community discount on Lessons or Hacks
  • Access to our Private FB group where you’ll receive tips on training and other horse related information from our own instructors and special guests
  • Regular Updates on life at the stables and what we’re doing during the lockdown
  • And much more

Funds from the Red Mountain Community will only go towards maintaining the welfare of our horses.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our Club


Brett & Andie

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