Rehabilitation and Rehoming

Rehabilitation and Rehoming

Our aim is to be a halfway-house between rescue and re-homing. By working with the local rescue centres or on an individual basis, we adopt a sympathetic approach to the rehabilitation both mentally and physically of the horse which allows it to adjust and develop before moving onto a new home or vocation.

Once a horse is ready to move on we will carefully match it with the correct owner to ensure a happy future.


We work closely and calmly with each horse to enable them to learn, progress and be able to go on to a new life.

We have access to superb facilities which enables us to work with each horse in a safe and trusting environment; whether it is schooling, lungeing or hacking out along the local river and mountain trails, we give them every opportunity to shine.


Horses come to us for many different reasons, be it financial, owners having a change in circumstances, horses not suited to their current owner or simply an older horse seeking a quieter life.

At Red Mountain, we believe in giving all equines a second chance and we work with them closely to enable them to find a new life with a new carer/owner.

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