Sponsor a Horse and

Join the Herd!

Becoming a Red Mountain Sponsor is a unique opportunity to make a difference by directly helping one of the horses or ponies in our care. Your generous donation will help to provide food, board, medical treatment, rehabilitation, training and other costs that are directly associated with the care of your sponsored horse/pony.

Why Sponsor?
By becoming a sponsor, you can direct your donation towards the care and feeding of a specific horse/pony of your choosing.

Sponsorships make great gifts to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

Not only is this a great gift idea, but a wonderful program for school kids, community groups, and business organisations!  Pick your special horse/pony and become a part of this rewarding experience!

Sponsorship Program
Our sponsorship program is for people who want to become more involved in a horse’s life and help us to continue our adoption and rehabilitation efforts.

The majority of the horses we take in are in need of special care, from extra feed and supplements to extra veterinary care and special farrier services.  Maintaining and caring for these horses is a very time consuming and expensive endeavour.  Most spend months rehabilitating at the barn to ensure their physical health is managed and any mental and training problems addressed so they can go on to live a normal and happy life.

What is our Sponsorship Program?
Sponsorship of one of our horses or ponies at the Red Mountain barn is a monthly donation amount of your choosing. Your contribution goes towards your selected horse’s monthly necessary costs to keep them healthy; from feed to vet care – 100% goes directly to the them!

How much does it cost?
You can choose the monthly amount you would like to send! Every little helps!

What does my Donation for Sponsorship go towards?

  • Farrier (hoof care) – every 6 weeks €40 or €80

  • Feed and Hay (daily grain, fibre & supplements) – every month €150

  • Vet care– annual cost €1000

  • Dental Care, Vaccines, Check-ups, Medications, Specialized Treatments, & more

We love the work we do and would love to be able to continue to offer a home to horses in need, but we need your support! We take sponsors seriously, so we ask that once you decide to become a sponsor, you take your commitment seriously.

Please do not take on more of a commitment than you can afford. It costs us approximately €250 per month for the full care of a horse. We are happy to accept any amount from our sponsors, but we do ask that you commit to a regular monthly donation.

All Red Mountain Sponsors are welcome to come to the barn and visit their horse or pony, just contact us for an appointment and we´ll be happy to show you around.

How Do I Sign Up?

Our Red Mountain Sponsor program is an automatic monthly donation. It only takes a moment to sign up and your card will be automatically debited each month. You can change the amount or cancel at any time.

You will receive a photograph of your horse, his or her story and background, and quarterly updates. We invite you to choose a horse that you would like to sponsor, or we will happily choose a deserving horse for you. If you wish to sponsor a horse, please fill out the form below and we will send your Sponsorship pack straight away!

SPONSORING: I am interested in making a difference