Welcome to the Red Mountain Community

Some house keeping first:

Please confirm your email address in the email you’ve just received, that way, we know we’ll be able to get in touch if there’s something relating to the community we think you’ll be interested in.

In the next few hours you’ll receive an email from us inviting you to join the RMC closed facebook group, please follow the instructions and once added come in and get involved.

This year we have lots of Adventure on Horseback trips planned which you as a member will get first refusal on. In many case dates are yet to be confirmed but here’s a brief list of what we’ve got planned:

  • Tarifa Beach, Dunes and Mountain Hack
  • The Sacred Chestnut Tree Hack
  • El Chorro, Mountain hack
  • Sahara Desert via The Atlas Mountains, Marrakech and the Valley of a 1,000 Kasbars
  • Los Barrios – Cross Country Course.

The community discount only applies to lessons and hacks, in order to secure your discount just let us know you’re a member when you book your lesson or hack and we’ll apply your 10% discount there and then.

If you would like us to source any particular training or horsey information just let us know via the FB group or directly and we’ll do our best to help. We will be adding links to popular training clinics and online seminars to share knowledge and encourage chats that we can all benefit from.

We recently had a Memories post come up on Facebook from our first ever Open Day last March and even back then our message was clear, that we wanted to build a community that centred around the horses and the barn. We think we’re doing ok so far but if we want to make it better, we’re going to need your support, so please let us know any of your ideas.

The best way to help us right now, is to help us to grow the Community by sharing it with your friends and family and inviting them to either become a member or by simply following and donating, the more people involved the better it is for the barn, the horses and all of us.

If you would like to make a one off donation to help us along then click here